"If youíre Serious about Gaining & Retaining Clients
+ Earning a Minimum of $60,000 Per Year, then ....

"The Personal Trainers Ultimate Marketing Pack is For You"

Attention All Personal Trainers

My unconditional Guarantee

Creative Fitness Marketing and Kim Martin

If You Don't get At least ...
10 Times Your Money Back in the First 12 Months
Iíll buy it back from You!

What you are about to discover is the most profitable skill you could ever have"

Kim Martin has been Telemarketing for my company for approximately the last 3 years, in that time 'Creative Concepts' Marketing has generated over 1,100 new members and over $1,251,000 in gross sales. I am happy to continue using the services of Creative Concepts Marketing, and prepared to speak on behalf of Kim to any interested party.

Definition Health Clubs - NSW
Director: Andrew Zorzit


Dear Friend,

Youíve Spent years studying,
and applying your health/fitness knowledge, ...

But are you earning the income you deserve?

  • Is your bank balance as healthy as you are?
  • Are you maximizing every opportunity to gain new clients
  • Are you keeping the old ones motivated, and coming back for more?
  • Are you gaining more referrals than you can handle?

I would like to thank Creative Fitness Marketing and Kim Martin for the success of our recent membership drive. In the period of seven weeks; they managed to recruit over 300 new members to Broadway Gym. They had to work hard, a city like Sydney is very competitive.

There were three significant factors with this campaign:

To say I was hesitant about this proposition is an understatement.

Too often people promise everything, cannot deliver - then disappear. However I have no regrets & can only applaud [both] Creative Fitness Marketing [CMF] & Kim Martin in their professional, friendly, co-operative manner in getting the job done.

I recommend them highly!

Your faithfully,

Barry Browne

Broadway Gym
Sydney NSW 2001

If youíre sick and tired of working for a ĎFitness Centre" or feel that your not earning what you should be ... after a lot of hard effort, and paying out hundreds if not thousands of dollars to keep your qualifications updated, attending new courses, and generally running around spending lot's of money, without getting a lot of return back.

Then this will be the most important message you read today.

Let me tell you why:

Understanding what motivates people & how they think - is the key to Generating a Great Income through Your Personal Training Business!

Admittedly this message is quite long, but by the end of it, youíll have discovered more secrets to Personal Training than you can poke a barbell at. [It will be worthwhile for you, I promise].

But I should introduce myself first.

My name is Kim Martin, and I have been in fitness marketing for 16 years. I live & breath fitness, simply because all of my successes in life and in sales (Iím not bragging here) have been due to having a super high level of energy.

As a former director of F.C.M.S (Fitness Club Management Systems) I worked literally hands on, 12 hrs a day marketing to fitness centres owners, selling memberships, training telemarketers, and I did this ... for over 8 years [working for 27 different clubs] all around Australia.

We marketed to all sorts of people, in all walks of life, and I personally have sold over $7,680,000 in memberships. 18 years of being involved in the fitness industry and I still run the 'hands on "marketing for a major health club in Sydney (Bodysports at Granville)

These are the resources I personally use, practically every single day, in my own business so you know how valuable just this information alone is worth.

I'm forced to say that the great majority of club owners live on a pittance, and work their bloody bums off scraping by to earn meager living. Yes, they all love fitness.

But ... the truth is, a lot of these guys have bicep measurements bigger than their I.Qís. Yes thatís sad, itís sad because they donít want anything more, and because the majority of them know a hell of lot about fitness, nutrition, etc Ö

BUT they know very little about marketing.

And yes, the same goes for personal trainers. Many love what they do, they get along well with their clients, they get results [for their clients] ... but still they donít go that one step further that catapults them from being one of the "mediocre mass majority" to being a true professional. A professional that can not only get results for their clients, but at the end of the day make money for themself!

Creative Fitness Marketing undertook a marketing promotion for my business in 1996, initially I was hesitant .. as I had done two previous promotions with another company, both had yielded less than satisfactory results.

Kim Martin put a proposition to me, the end result being beneficial to both companies concerned. I found Kim to be well organized and he kept me up to date with daily progress reports.

Should you require further information, please contact me on 249 4544.

Regards Norm Phillips

Bodybeat Aerobics & Fitness Centre.
Malaga W.A

I feel really lucky, and Iíll tell you why.

I was the typical nerd at school,
yep ... I regularly got flogged by all the "bigger Kids"

Why ? .... because I had a big mouth, and because I was a "know it all". I always had my nose in a book, and from a young age I read everything ... about everything, Iím glad I did.

After reading about martial arts, I started practicing and went on to have 44 fights as an amateur kick boxer and won 43 of them. The same applies to Bodybuilding (runner up Mr. South Australia and Mr. Adelaide) the list goes on, and on.

Forgive me if it sounds like Iím tooting my own horn, I guess I am. Iím always reading and learning new things, what youíll find in this "Ultimate Personal Training Pack" is literally guaranteed to accelerate your personal and business success.

Dear Kim,

I write to advise you of my unbelievable progress and success [that has and is still happening] in my life. I would like to thank you deeply for your wonderful marketing package. It has been worth ... every single cent.

I have used many of the tools in your package to assist in commencing my own (Massage) business, I have had many offers from prospective centres asking me to use their facilities. My business is now up and running successfully.

In fact ... it's progressing at such a fast rate, that soon I'm going into partnership with another like-minded professional.

Warm Regards,

Vicki Smith

Relax Massage
Ocean Grove Victoria

Hereís just some of the Goodies in this comprehensive
Marketing Package

Youíll confidently understand:

  • How to get a constant stream of clients to your business & keep them coming back
  • How to establish goals and commitment from your clients
  • Youíll discover how to present your Personal Training Business successfully
  • Youíll learn about: ĎUpselling" how to convert casual clients to 10 pack or more
  • Youíll know the physcology of sales & why itís so important to "Pre Sell" your clients.
  • How to answer, most of the common questions that your new customers will ask
  • Youíll learn how to hit the HOT buttons to make people buy
  • Youíll know how to "prechat" your clients to discover what they really want to achieve
  • Youíll have a fantastic "ready to go" package that you can give them to keep them motivated, asking questions AND coming back for more
  • Youíll read about the best ways to inspire yourself, as well as your clients
  • You'll learn [why] & how to write an effective business plan
  • Youíll learn the reasons why you need to write an effective marketing plan
  • Find out how to create advertising that draws clients like a magnet
  • Learn how to sell what people want, NOT what they need
  • Youíll find out how "stories" can sell your business
  • Youíll read about the 7 Secrets ... to maximum your sales
  • Over come your prospective clients objections - before they surface
  • Youíll understand how to increase your sales by offering guarantees that will make Personal Training with your business totally irresistible.

Imagine: Getting ready to close the sale and bringing out a gift for your new client that shows them you really care about the results they achieve... [value of around $35.00]

Well this is it.

It's a new customer diary ... with, Fit Facts - healthy eating recipes - a general code of conduct for your new members - clients - crŤche hours - safe exercise techniques - an assessment check list - stretching tips, & lots - lots more to keep your clients [customers] motivated, and to help them get the results their paying you for.

This will be a treasure trove of information for your new members.

Sell it as a stand-alone product to existing members
or use it as a bonus in your promotions.

The Personal Trainers or Centre Owners Reference Manual

This is a collection of templates, cash spitting ideas, club administrative material designed to help make your job [or your staffs if you own or you are planning on buying your own centre] simpler and easier.

It has a wealth of sales techniques,
that will get you/and your staff firing from the word go.

Here is what this indispensable manual contains

  • The Fitness Profile (Pre-assessment Questionnaire) Explanation. Why all your new Clients & customers need to fill this in as soon as they walk in the door!
  • Examples of Fitness Profiles.
  • The Art of the Sale Sales Tips and Techniques to get your income UP
  • Overcoming the most common objections and closing the $ale.
  • The Complete Sales Process Manual from walk in ... to Tour, Examples of Sales Terminology. [Tailor to your facilities and or services].
  • Example of Renewal Scripts, over the Phone, or at the Counter
  • Examples of dealing with lead calls at counter or over the phone
  • Ways of dealing with Complaints and Cancellations ... and how to overcome them
  • Ways of dealing with resignations. [What to do and how to overcome & prevent them]
  • How to get local businesses to work with your Club & artwork examples
  • The "Up sell" Explanation" Or how to convert a "Free Week" to a full membership.
    (Great for "FREE WEEK" campaigns)
  • Form letters for various occasions. Thanks for joining, late payment, Wow letter etc
  • Examples of a corporate mail out
  • "Confident Kids" School programs, more prevalent now than ever!
  • Lead Boxes: How they can generate $$$$$ for your business & how to get local businesses to take your lead boxes
  • Personnel - samples of various job descriptions, confidentiality agreements, code of conduct & Acknowledgement. Employee induction & c/list
  • Code of Conduct (Fitness Industry) manual, for employees
  • Disciplinary procedures and guidelines for employees. [If you own or are planning on opening your own center]
  • Advertising ideas: a step by step method of writing dynamite adds for your centre and examples of material that you can use. Are you currently getting 100% profit on cost, or more from your leaflet drops, ads in the local paper etc? This will show you how you can do it! Included is a template add that you can use to generate $$$ for your club.

The Personal Training
"Big Business Builder Pack"

And ... just for trying out the Ultimate Personal Trainers Pack,
with your permission Iíll also give you ...



"The Masters of On Line and Offline Marketing Global Information Marketing Summit  Two & a Half days of the Hottest Marketing Minds on the Planet on MP3 Recorded in Sydney Australia 2004."

"You'll learn how to create your own online or off line marketing empire from the best minds on the planet, no fluff or filler just hard core, bleeding edge information that would have cost you over $1200 to attend. (and that's without travel & accommodation!)

Listen to the whole two & a half days in the comfort of your office or lounge room for a fraction of what it would have cost you to attend."

Marketing Global Summit - Sydney

  • 3 CD's with the below speakers. Over 14 hours of cutting edge cash spitting, client generating, information. Value $1200 (without your travel and accommodation) if you had gone to the seminar!

  • Mal Emery - The Dynamic - Mail Order Marketing Multi Millionaire from Western Australia, author of "Speed Wealth" as well as numerous other wealth creation strategies, Mal also will teach you how to get $$$$ in your till by using TV, fax, and voice broadcast for your business,

  • Yanik Silver - will tell you how to sell any kind of information product on line, or how to double or triple your product sales if your already online. You'll get the meatiest tips from his $4000 per person copywriting clinic, also learn about creating your own internet empire using public domain information.

  • Peter Sun - Australian Marketing legend from Queensland, last year his businesses turned over $4,500.000! Peter will show you how to leverage your internet business for maximum gains.

  • Matt Furey - The Zen master of internet marketing, Matt will teach you how to make more money than you ever believed was possible, You will understand how to sell simple niche products. He has personally turned over $489,000 in ONE MONTH ALONE FROM THE INTERNET! (His "Combat Conditioning" videos are AWESOME!)

  • Trevor Crook - Another great copywriter from Australia. You'll learn the secrets of how to effectively promote and market your business from under $500

  • Jim Edwards - How being yourself can let you take everything you learn from these CD's will make you a bullet proof marketer in your own niche

  • Matt Gill - Matt will show you how to identify a winning product based on what the market wants and how to build it. AND put it on line for under a $100. You'll also understand how to use Google ad words to drive buyers to your site

  • Chris Bloor - Copywriter par excellence. Chris will teach you how to take something that you love ignite it into a simple business model. You'll know what to do to start a subscription website that pulls $$$$

  • Bill Glazier - American marketing icon. What you need to know about getting into the lucrative information marketing business, where to discover the real wealth in business, how to use tele seminars effectively, turn unconverted leads into profit, how to reach your market with maximum effectiveness

  • Steve Quartermaine - learn the inside secrets of adding subscribers to your opt in mail lists

  • Brian James - Publicity secrets revealed

  • Jim Edwards - Another internet legend. Jim will show you how to create audio and video products that you sell to your clients

  • David Cavanagh - learn how to build web friendly portals and understand E-commerce, the web is essential to your "marketing mix"

Value $1200.00


How To Turn an Ordinary Business into an Extraordinary Business

Still the quickest & best way to make a fortune in Australia today, an extraordinary book that will open your eyes about the pros and cons of being a traditional business owner.

This book contains examples of Western Australian Millionaire Mal Emery who has bought and sold numerous businesses for huge profits, and how he did it.

Value $67.00


Creating Blockbuster Headlines

Every business needs to advertise!

This blockbuster of a book will show you how to maximise every cent you spend on advertising. Advertising is simply "Salesmanship in print". Itíll show you how to make your advertising dollar sweat for you! If your going to advertise then why waste your hard earned dollar not knowing what your doing?

Get the straight facts about what really works, and more importantly what doesnít, and get more members than you can handle!

Value $97.00


63 Killer Marketing Strategies

How to insure your product - benefit or service ... is presented in the best way it can be.

Use this as a superb ĎBrainstorming' tool, essential if running your own business!

Around 5,000 small businesses go bust in Australia every year!

Donít let yours be one of them.

A treasure trove of practical marketing ideas.

Value $89.00


78 Free & Low Cost Ways to add at least $17,000
or ... 27% to your small business profits in the next 90 days.

The title says it all.

How to gain and retain more customers is the key to providing you with a hugely profitable P/T business, this manual shows you a whole lot of practical ideas you can use with out having to spend $$$$

Value $49.00


"Prospect Without Pain"

Stop wasting time on people who donít want your services and find the ones that do, like the rest of these manuals... Simple, easy to follow advice - no bull jargon that will show you how to separate your business from the rest of the "also rans" and Ďstand apart".

Value $49.00


How to Become an Internet Marketing Expert in 30 Days!

Read the story of how a 18 year old lad from Singapore asked the best internet marketers in the world what they would do if they were broke and had to start from "scratch" includes Australian content.

Joe went on to make $120,000 in 6mths from selling this ebook. I own the Reprint Rights to this and it truly is a mind boggling eye opener, if you've ever thought of being an internet entrepreneur then why not get the inside facts from the best minds on the planet!

Value $136-AUS (CD)


The Junior Money-Maker CD ROM

7000 books, reports and money-making ideas, etcÖ etcÖ on CD ROM

This has literally thousands of Money Making and Marketing Ideas that you can use, on top of that dozens of Free Ebooks on various subjects. "Home Business Magazine" advertises this disc for between $199 to $229 dollars!

A goldmine of ideas for your business

It's yours FREE as part of this package.

Value $99



If you've ever had your computer crash on you, or ever had to do a "clean install" you know how incredibly frustrating it can be to re-install all your programs, not to say all your security measures such as firewalls, spyware removers, system cleaners, Pdf viewers, etc.. etc. etc.

Your ULTRA DISC contains a huge variety of simple tools to get you up and running in minimum time, it's all on the one CD, no more hunting and searching for those programs, no more spending hours downloading programs from the internet or buying software from magazine covers.

ULTRA DISC has it all!

It's the complete package everything from applications for removing adware and spyware, to full featured office replacements, web site building tools, ebook creators, contact managers, file encryption programs, and the list go on.

If you've just bought a new computer you'll have everything you need for not only security but also a wide variety of other applications.

These are simple - easy to use, intuitive and don't require you to be a "techie" to install!

All programs are the full version, although some may require on-line registration [this is without charge].

Value - $2300+ worth of Software (on CD)


597 Business Letters Library

With the 597 Business Letters Library you will never be at a loss for words. This easy to use collection provides you with almost any type of business letter you can imagine. Just select the document you need and change the names and address to suit your needs.

Not only will you save valuable time with these ready to use examples, you'll save money, too!

Whether you need a lease or a response to a credit check request, you'll find in within the 597 Business Letters Library. This powerful tool is a must have for every small business. Just type in a key word for the document you need and hit the Search button. What could be easier?

Value $67 (on CD)

BONUS # 11

Headline Creator Pro

Headlines get noticed!

Headlines sell!

This handy little tool lets you type in a few words, presto dozens and dozens and dozens of different headlines are generated instantly, for you to use or edit.

A must if your in the client generating business

Value $97

BONUS # 12

2 Phone or Fax Consultations

Let me know what your most pressing concerns are, weather about marketing, internet, getting your website up, whatever you feel the need to ask that can benefit your business.

I'll come with a solution for you, my normal consultation rate is $120 per hour ... you'll get 2 hours of my time for 'FREE'

Value $240

Hereís what youíd pay to buy this package separately

Description Of Goods


The Personal Trainers Marketing Bible Manual 197
The Personal Trainers Reference Manual 197
Bonus # 1 - Information Global Marketing Summit on 3 CDs


Bonus # 2 - Turn Ordinary Businesses into Extraordinary Businesses


Bonus # 3 - Creating Block Buster Headlines


Bonus # 4 - 63 Killer Marketing Strategies


Bonus # 5 - 78 Free & Low Cost Ways to add at least $17,000Ö


Bonus # 6 - Prospect With Out Pain


Bonus # 7 - How to Become an Internet Marketing Expert in 30 Days! 136
Bonus # 8 - The Junior Money-Maker CD ROM $99
Bonus # 9 - ULTRA DISC CD ROM $2300
Bonus # 10 - 597 Business Letters Library


Bonus # 11 - Headline Creator Pro


Bonus # 12 - 2 Hours - Phone or Fax Consultations 240
NBB Website in a Box 29.95
NBB Millionaire Mindsets 17

Total Value if sold seperatly ... $4,913.95

Your Price - Including P&H & GST

$347.00 Aust

You'll get this entire package on [5] CD ROM's and 3 Chunky Ring Binders for only $347 including the Bonuses [extra's] Postage & GST.

Plus you save $4,913.95 in the bargain.

NBB: If that's not still enough, I'll give you your own "instant website in a box, this alone retails for $29.95 - check out this amazing little package that allows you to get your own E commerce ready web site up and running in one day.

Examples: www.galstonchamber.com.au or www.sydneyflyingsquadron.com.au to see what this incredible instant web site can do to get your business up and generating clients in one day.

NBBB: I've just finished a fantastic book called Millionaire Mindsets, it's all about creating prosperity and abundance through mindsets, unreal reading! Valued at $17 - I'll also add that to your pile of goodies as well.

NBBBB: I'll show you how to accept credit cards without having to pay bank fees, or fill out lot's of forms, and without having to jump through the hoops that the banks make you do!

  • Accept any credit card, get instant approval, pay no bank fees and it's an Aussie company!

And I know I can try the Ultimate Personal Trainers Marketing Pack, Risk-Free with your "no questions asked" 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee. And you are willing to give me a full refund if this course does not earn me back at least 10 times my outlay of $347.

Value for money!

The Personal Trainers Ultimate Marketing Package

American Express - Master Card - Visa


Order The Personal Trainers Ultimate Marketing Package

Now for ONLY $347.00 Australian
Including P&H & GST

NB: Postage - packing & GST included, anywhere in Australia.
International Orders - please add $37 Australian for Postage.

Click here to order
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Warm Regards,
Yours in Health & Wealth

Kim Martin
Sydney Australia

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